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Easy Summer to Fall Style

We’re gliding into early Fall where we can still reheat our coffee cup just by sitting it in the hot sun, but also starting to dream about the cooler temperatures so we can unfold our Fall sweaters from the top of the closet.

But before you think about the sweater-weather, I have 4 ways to celebrate these fleeting warm days and mildly ease into Fall outfits for the breezy nights that creep in like a teen after curfew; slow and quietly.

As always, I’m styling from my closet, along with a few new pieces to get more wears out of what we have. Simple mixes of old with a fresh, new look.

Mixing the trends with the classics for a whole new sparkle. At our age we’ve amassed options in our closets ;)

4 ways to go from Summer to Fall Outfits

Shorts to Capri’s

Jean shorts are still at the top of the hits this Summer. Keep-em on repeat all day long. Add in a wide-leg capri for the nights on the restaurant patio. A cute semi-tank goes easily with both.

Stay in your shorts all night long by toting along a jacket or long cardigan to throw on once the temperatures drop.

jean shorts, white denim, green jacket and white shoes

Shop The Outfit

Rose T-shirt:: Sold out, Altar’d State similar
Green Army Jacket:: Banana Republic | Nordstrom {similar}
White Capri Pants:: Maurices
Blue Stripe:: similar ones Tank | Collared
Denim Shorts:: Old Navy | Target
Shoes:: Birkenstock | Mules {10yo-linked others}

Capri With T-shirt To Jacket

No shorts for you? Let your ankles get a glimpse of the Summer sun with capri pants matched with cute t-shirt colors. Toss on a light jacket in white, denim, gray or army green.

Going from the outdoors to inside the icebox-air stores, restaurants, or movie theatre gives me goosebumps. There’s a jacket at-the-ready in my car for every Summer or early Fall night.

Army green, classic jean jacket, white, gray, or black fit any in-style lineup.

Here are three brands that bring a Fall night warm-up year after year::

Banana Republic | Dear John | Articles of Society

Tank and Crop Jeans

You can find, or make, any bottoms into a cropped style. And thank the short-legged fashion people for finally noticing us vertically-challenged Mama’s. Dress a pair of flared crop jeans with a button-up, tank, sweater vest or keep with the cute tee theme and jacket style.

Wear a light denim and make a wide cuff or SAVE THIS TRICK to use with jeans.

SHOES! Another simple change-up Summer to Fall.

Sandals to closed toe mules…Easy change-up for Summer to Fall outfit on the quick.

Tank + Jackets

Reshuffle all the different tank designs a little longer into Fall by adding a jacket, cardigan, or oversized-square scarf into your style. {Tanks + a jacket are also perfect for when that illustrious hot-flash decides to strike up a flame inside your skin}. Cold-hot-hot-cold-hot-hot-cold is a hormones game that we play with the tank-to-jacket and jacket-to-tank shedding pieces.

Other Summer to Fall style tidbits

4 fast ideas to stretch Summer outfits into Fall. And more on the way!

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I’m always curious…

What is your favorite piece to wear at the start of Fall weather?

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