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Stylish and easy summer vacation outfits
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Summer is here and vacation outfits are at the ready!

I’ve already packed vacation outfits for two trips this Summer and I’m packing for the third. This trip around is a couple’s trip so I’m pulling a lil’bit fancy and a lil’bit comfy for our short wine tasting soirée.

Whether you’re looking for vacation outfit ideas or simply the Summer must-haves, this list of essentials has you covered like a plaid flannel blanket sitting next to a beach fire on a cool Summer night! Added with my slightly awkward video style tips to watch while sitting out on said beach.

Vacation Outfits For Travelers

1/ Swimsuit
2/ Cover-ups {top ~ dress ~ sarong}
3/ Long flowy dress
4/Easy-breezy skirt
5/ Shorts {jean, cargo, flat/no-pleat}
6/ Tanks + tees
7/ Jogger jumpsuit {I call it my adult onesie, but it’s perfect for the plane ride}
8/ White unlined blazer/jacket {can’t be trusted with white, so this is an annual savvy, not splurge buy}
9/ Scarf/hat
10/ Shoes {sandels, sneakers, pumps}
11/ Accessories {rectangular sunnies are huge this Summer}

An ‘Incredible’ story about my new rectangle sunglasses, scrolling to that story in a few.

A fresh starting point to mix-n-match for a vacation, Summer staycation, or everyday Summer wardrobe. It’s shaping up for a hot few months, so aim for cool-n-comfortable and it begins with the plane {or car, train, horse drawn carriage through Central Park. However you want to travel}.

For your travel day ask, “What outfit would I wear everyday if I could {because it’s sooo comfortable}?”

If you’re comfiest in jeans + tee, that’s your travel day outfit. Happiest in a long flowy dress that you see in every store window this Summer — style one on. If I was un-spillable in all white I’d buy this Free People maxi dress I pinned to my style season board {swoon worthy}.

Travel Outfit

I bought a Target jogger jumpsuit to wear with a jacket + sneakers. Surprise on me…The description must have left out that “jumpsuit jogger” instead of a 2-piece tank + joggers that I thought I was getting. {They liter-ally typed it in the outfit title! My eyes skipped that part and went right to the photo — typical of me.}

It’s a one-piece, jumper, onsie, jumpsuit piece and possibly not my ideal travel day outfit for trips to the restroom.

But I’m up to the challenge and still wearing it. It’s soft, loose-fitting, and when my hot flash hits I’ll shed my jacket and hike those tight cuffs until it passes 2.5-minutes later. Who knows, could be the perfect mistake-buy;)

Sooo all my female friends…Whatta we call this piece; a jumpsuit, onesie, or hot flash special?

Versatile Cover-ups For Vacation Outfits

Swimsuit cover-ups are your secret packing weapon. Up-level your swimsuit look AND add extra outfits to choose from::

  • The Dress Cover-up — Wear at the pool + belt it, accessorize it and it’s a lunch outfit
  • The Top Cover-up — Toss a bright tank under this chic crochet top with shorts or jeans {this Reel has a peek + jean hack}
  • The Sarong — cover-up or skirt… you choose

Putting the Vacation Outfits Together

Collect each of these pieces into outfits with the number of days you’re vacationing. Multiple scarves, sunnies, and shoes are always a must! Or buy an ‘incredible’ new pair in the open market of London. That story coming soon.


Day 1:: Jean shorts, tank, crochet cover-up, sneakers


Day 2:: swimsuit and sarong, sunnies, sandals

Coffee, Shop, Eat, and maybe repeat if there’s time

Day 3:: Maxi skirt, top, scarf

Show time, wine tasting, museums…

Day 4:: Dressy shorts, tank, blazer

DONE! Check your outfits off the packing list. Grab your toiletry bag and all the other goodies you take on every trip and you’re ready for adventure! {I created a checklist “for all the other goodies” for easy-simple packing every trip.

Splurge or Savvy Outfits

Create these outfits from your closet or treat yourself to new. You can style up anything in your wardrobe on a Splurge or Savvy budget. Or weave both the expensive with budget-friendly together like a new scarf through a styled messy-bun. {I have a Splurge + Savvy post for every season that I share in the Glimpse of Good Newsletter.}

Each season I coordinate my splurge pieces for the classic, forever pieces, and the savvy side for my white blazers that will never make it to September.

Bagail packing cubes in orange, packing for trip
Bagail Packing Cubes {savvy Amazon purchase}

Want To Make Packing Easier?

Use packing cubes. Organize all your clothes, shoes, + a few more pairs of shoes in their own packing cubes. Savvy cubes are the bagail ones, and the splurge version are the calpak cubes. In my test run I purchased the bagail brand, but now that I’m hooked I’ll be trying the calpak next to compare.

In Reel life packing for a trip.

What is your favorite Summer piece from this summer vacation list?

Oh, And That ‘Incredible’ Sunnies Story

Emma and I went to London for a girls theatre trip and I forgot my sunglasses on our first bright sunny London day {no rain — who could-of guessed}. A cute orange and black rectangle sunny-pair found their way onto my face and asked Em what she thought.

EMMA::“You resemble Edna wearing those.”
ME:: “Edna who?”
EMMA:: ”Edna…From the Incredibles.”

Mine are clearly rectangle and not all-black! But now I can’t un-see her in my head every time I put-em on {+ giggle a little}.

Just your friendly reminder that everyone won’t like what you wear, but IF YOU LIKE IT — WEAR IT My Friend!

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