UN New Year’s Resolution and Mid-Life Feelings at 50+

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UN-New Years Resolution, lifestyle at 50+

The Un… New Year’s Resolution and Feelings at 50+

🎤🎶Feelings…Nothing more than Feeeelings🎶

As soon as I typed “feelings” in the title, the Morris Albert song popped into my head. I’ve never liked that song, and now I can’t purge it from my brain today. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I doubt that drawling 70’s song was stuck in your head today, but I bet wine to wine glasses that a New Year’s Resolution is flickering around in your brain this week.

It’s my 51st new year, and I’ve made close to 50 New Year’s resolutions {in the over-achieving years, I tripled down on my list}. And in that same year, by April-ish, I’d fallen off 39-ish of those resolutions I’d voluntarily set for myself to feel like a more successful human.


Come May, I’d successfully achieved failure-ism and yet again, felt like crap-ola for not “sticking to it”.

Which brings me to the first blog post of 2023 on…

FEELINGS + dumping the New Year’s Resolutions!

This year and the ones hereafter is the UN New Year’s Resolution.

I read somewhere that feelings are like visitors, and they come and go, just like guests in our house. Happy can unpack their suitcase and take a drawer in the bathroom.

While Sad, Unmotivated, Craptastic feelings need not unzip said suitcase. We count the seconds for their exit as soon as they step across the “All Are Welcome” doormat.

We never welcome them into our house, but in life, it’s unavoidable.

We’re human — therefore, we feel all the feels.

Not unlike the visiting ants/Aunts in the Geico commercial, the bad, bummer, anxious, and unaccomplished feelings grab us like the flu in January, settling in our chest and making it hard to breathe sometimes.

In our 50’s mid-life, finding new purpose can feel daunting — starting All. Over. Again. — And while 50 is middle life, there is still a lot of living left to LIVE. {Don’t ever call yourself old. Middle, yes, experienced, definitely, privileged to reach 50 — no doubt, but you’re not old!!!!!!!!!! {excessive “!” just felt necessary here}.

We’re in middle life AND starting over in a lotta ways. So many feelings come along with the middle years.

We’ve moved from full-time parent into part-time Guiding Sage {but only when asked — offering your unsolicited opinion gets you eye-rolls or a placating “uh-huh”}.

So the full-time Mom-ming job has slowed like our metabolism.

With emotions ramping up –or down– at hormonal infrequency, you start questioning all over again,

“What is the MEANING of all this shizzle?”

Then the New Year hits and you think to yourself, “Self, this is the perfect time to start fresh and write down a list of resolutions to give me new purpose and direction again.

That’s what I need!”


STOP complicating life by adding in a New Year’s Resolution

I get it, we’re all in this middle zone that’s undefined::

>> Raising a family is reaching the finish line…years of ALL the roller coaster feels💖

>>Dropping your kids off at college…blubber crying feels + excited for them feels

>>Gal Pal nights out…stomach-crunching laughter feels

>>Spotting the first chin hair –yes, more are coming– …wide-eyed shock feels


Say you’re starting over, yet again, on a new path, in writing + photographing to bring a community of women together in their 50’s…

•Giving style ideas for middle life
•Sharing travel tips for a freer nomadic lifestyle {or if you just need a vacation}
•Discover new books-n-wine
•ANNNND penning lifestyle posts like this one, for a twist on how to go into this 50+ life and write the next chapter ANY. WAY. THEY. WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!🎬 {another perfect use for excessive “!”}.

I get that a New Year’s Resolution seems like a perfectly sane idea to get this year in check –along with all the feelings you’re having {I’m with you}.

Stop the New Year’s Resolution hamster wheel,

and don’t even think about posting, “New Me in 2023” anywhere!

We don’t need a “new you” — we just need the “you-you” –


What brings out your HAPPY? Gives you pride? Gives you a reason to cheer?

Take it one day at a time without the added pressure of writing a resolution on your bathroom mirror to remind you to work out 90 minutes, 6 days a week or eat kale everyday.

It’s one moment at a time over here, along with a new Passion Project in renovating and decorating #TheHouseGrandpaBuilt … Ecstatic, anxious feels, plus anticipating some grumpy, grumbling, and salty feels too. But I’m taking it one day –moment– at a time.

meaning — where emotion meets passion

Make this year the start of your UN NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!

I’m aerating a bottle of L’Ecole №41, and can’t wait to see this next chapter in life pour out.

Remember what you FEEL strongly about. That’s where your meaning is as you step –dance — sing– into your next chapter. {Something a bit more peppy than Feelings 🎶, though}.

This is gonna be GOOD

Messy at times, but OH SO GOOD in all the days we’re blessed to live here on this big blue-green-and-wine-colored planet.

This New Year, make a promise to yourself to experience more in whatever way you’re comfortable.

Let your feelings visit –happy, sad, and blahhkk — because they’ll pack up and leave, making room for the next round of emotions tomorrow, and the Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday after that.💖

Ya know what else we want in this new year plus our Chapter 50?


You belong here with us, in this middle life chapter –drinking coffee in the morning and grape-filled red wine in the evenings, dressed in your flare jeans and pearl-scarf necklace, traveling to quaint small towns or reading through the world on your Crate and Barrel impractical suede chaise.

Click into the Chapter 50 Digest for life in these middle years — We’re just getting started…AGAIN 😉

These ARE NOT New Year’s Resolutions, only helpful ideas if you want em::

Happy New Year, You Beautiful 50+ Soul!

Andrea ~ Chapter 50 Blogger
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