The Vacation Checklist YOU NEED!

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Relax Before the Trip Starts

A vacation checklist is your easy button, and has you flying through the streets of Rome on a Vespa with wind breezing through your hair on a summer day!

Or wherever you’re off to this trip.

You bought the plane tickets months ago, and you’ve been excited about taking this trip for the last six months. Now, the week of your departure is here…well, almost here. At the moment, you’re standing over an empty suitcase that’s mocking you with its black hole of nothingness.

You haven’t texted Karen to see if she can feed the cat and water the plants.
Did you hold the mail, or did {insert spouse’s name} say they were doing that?
Do you need packing cubes? How much space can they really save? {the answers are YES and A LOT}

We can’t wait to relax, stroll, tour, and drink endless amounts of coffee, wine, and dessert, but we have to prep for all that fun first.

It doesn’t have to be drudgery, though.

There is this simple thing called a checklist.

It won’t bibbidi-bobbidi-boo the packing, or telepathically get Karen to feed the cat, but a checklist IS the next best thing to magic!

A Vacation Checklist Has You…

Sipping wine and reading Whisper Network instead of extracting another espresso shot at 5 o’clock to keep you purring along the next four hours getting everything ready to leave. “Purring! Holy heck, did I call Karen to come feed Whiskers while we’re gone?!” {If it’s ✔️ on the list, you did!}

I’ve packed a lot of bags in my 51 years, and I’ve become pretty tailored in doing so. Not to brag — okay, maybe a slight brag — my vacation prep skills are on par with a Nordstrom personal shopper. I’ve tailored it from head-to-pinky-toe for you.

Pilot and Doctor Checklist

I’ve designed the vacation checklist to perfection, but I can’t take credit for the checklist idea. These bad boys have been used by doctors and pilots since the early days of flying those aluminum tubes in the sky.

Even the brilliant person with a photographic memory lends themselves to said checklist when it comes to preparing. Before the first passenger steps onto the plane, before the landing gear leaves the tarmac, pilots go through an exact checklist to make sure the equipment is fit to fly. And doctors adopted similar checklists in their operating rooms.

A checklist is a pretty surefire way to get your trip off to a stellar start! Sorry, plane + fire was a bad combination. Using this checklist is the unequivocal way to move your stress meter from a 1-tired-n-batty right past 10, to a 14 of chill-n-zen.

The Perfect 14 Vacation checklist

Download and make a copy

of your vacation checklist so you have it for every trip here and until traveling-do-you-part {which I hope is never the case}.

I’ve created two versions to fit your lifestyle::

  • digital, save-the-paper kind of downloader
  • “I get a sense of completion checking off lines with my pretty pink pen” downloader

Easy + relaxing…that’s what we’re aiming for. It’s vacation, after all.

Commence to downloading ~ then checking ~ then ahhhhhh {that’s your zen moment after checking the last circle/writing the last line}.

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Where are you off to this trip?

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