The Season That Covers it all–10 Cute Outfits for Winter

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…Or layers magnificently so you can shed when the next flash hits. Every good girl scout knows, “Always be prepared!”

Maybe that’s the boy scouts? Brownies? Blue Birds? Doesn’t matter what group it was, really. The fact that I remembered AT ALL is good enough. 🤗

Winter edition of Savvy Vs Splurge + the cute outfits I put together just. for. you!

When it comes to fashion, classic style is like that little black dress you have that rarely escapes the closet these days — it’s timeless and always in style.

Trending styles, on the other hand, are like a fidget spinner — they’re fun and popular for a little while, but quickly become passé.

So if you want to be the Belle of the ball, go with a classic look. But if you’re going for “life of the party”, shop for a trendy outfit. OR, “Vanna, can I buy an ‘O’ — for Option three — which is the option to mix the two together.

My Savvy AND Splurge finds each season mix both. I buy my classic forever pieces on splurge, and the fun-but-short-lived trendy pieces from the savvy rack.

My 40/50-year-young beautiful souls, I collect the latest fashion trends each season to create outfits in the “OOOHHHH that’s cute!” category. Sharing ways to embrace a Chapter 50 style on both the splurge and savvy clothes to have you showing off the CLASSIC you are, but also add in trendy pieces that you’re scrolling past on Instagram and Pinterest right now.

10 cute outfits for winter — the Academy Awards go to::

Spreading style finds around like butter on a warm piece of sourdough toast — scrumptious goodness — on a winter day. Mixing these 10 with jeans, leggings + #5…

  1. Sweaters Stripes + Classic + Chunky + Jacquard are popular, along with turtleneck style sweaters
  2. Scarves in classic + bright colors {A style idea for your scarf, too + this scarf twist}
  3. Vests of the pullover, zip, quilted, or puffer variety
  4. Cardigans — Never push them off the runway — always reinventing how to wear them {long-coatigan, short, dainty, chunky}
  5. Maxi skirts for casual + dressier dates, girls’ nights, or celebrations
  6. Hats {a classic beanie for snow days + little fancier faux-fur bucket}
  7. Wool coats for warmth, plus the different looks you can change up {oversize plaid popping up everywhere | Similar to my Halogen coat}
  8. Blazers in all colors + patterns are resurfacing. Bringing out some of my splurge purchases of the past –20 years past😉– Business | Double-breasted Wool solid for any occasion {order one size up to layer over sweaters}
  9. Loafers {Black Gucci-lookalike loafer, or splurge on Gucci 🤗 My blue suede shoes are comfy, with a little height boost too}
  10. Boots for the snow, or that give me the option to go out in the snow (if I have to). My short onesMy tall –deep snow– ones

Some say cute — I say no, but in trending fairness…

I’m adding a numero-eleven-o in case you liked this trend when it hit back in the 80’s

11. The Winter Honorable Mention piece goes to the Cargo Pants + wide-leg cargo {yes, they are popular again}. I didn’t much like ’em the last time around. I look like I was swallowed by a puffer fish –if puffer fish had pockets– with my short legs.

If you loved ’em back then, I wanted to let you know so you can pull them back out! 😎

Clickable me-mannequins here to find the outfit pieces, plus the highlighted links I’ve collected throughout this post to make shopping as simple and fun as click-ably possible for you.

Whether you’re adding one or four new pieces to your closet, I’m here for every seasonal Splurge or Savvy idea in your Chapter 50+ wardrobe.

Cute Outfits for Winter and Fall and white::

WARNING:: You may get a reputation for being the stylish 50+ woman in your coffee clutch {Hold my coffee — I’m going to CHEER you on!}

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