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I have no idea WHY I always feel the urge to say “y’all” whenever I talk about shoes for Fall, Winter, Spring.

I don’t even have cowboy boots in the lineup. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Once you live in Dallas for a short time I guess it stays with ya forever.

A friend was looking for new shoes and asked me if I’d give her some suggestions for good + stylish shoes. So in my over-the-top, where-do-I-start, how-can-I-choose shoe planning, I came up with three categories for shoe ideas.

The Lineup that fit for Fall, Winter, and Spring

{Summer is an entirely different style with the less-is-less-to-sweat theme.}

1/ Fall Boots

2/ Sneakers

3/ Flats & Loafers


Born Booties {all-time favorite}

Straight Review:: Comfortable, timeless style, and match with almost every fall and winter outfit I wear. No complaints, sidebars, or buts about these. These are SWOON-worthy shoes for fall.

Wish they’d bring mine back, but until then, here are Similar Born Ankle Boots.

Black Chelsea Boots

These are EVERYWHERE in the shoes-for-fall lineup…

…so, of course, I had to try them. I wanted a comfortable, high-quality leather pair that would last year after year. I chose a pair from Nordstrom.

Straight Review:: Comfortable and easy to put on {don’t scrunch up my socks like others did}. The one thing that bugs me — okay, two things…

1/ They sit at an odd height on my shin and rub a little {not uncomfortable, more like, “Hey, I’m here, don’t forget about me!”}
2/ They’re a heavy walk {not the light-n-free walking excursion}. Remind me of a Doc Marten boot

Another pair I’ve been eyeing is from the MySoft brand. I have a few pairs of heels in this brand, and they are REALLY comfortable –and that’s saying something when heels are mentioned–
••SIX color options in this pair too!••

Steve Madden Heeled Bootie

I love these cognac suede boots for dressing up my jeans on date night! They have just enough of a heel so I don’t have to look up at everyone, but they’re comfy enough that I can walk in them awhile.

They also look great with different style jeans {skinny, wide-leg, straight-leg}

Straight Review:: Not good for ANY snowy –or even snow-dusting– day. These are fair-weather day boots.

No longer have my color {sad face}, but this sand suede color is a creamy-dreamy look.

Sorel Taupe Booties

Sorel’s are perfect for Chicago weather changes since they are water repellent {their winter boots are amazing too}. These boast a more rounded toe, so they are easy to dress down or up.

Straight Review:: With the side slit, you’ll have to wear a very low sock, which can get a bit chilly in January.

THESE or THESE fixed the chilly side gap 😉

Here is a Sorel Boot that takes you from Fall all the way through winter {#chicagolifestyle}

Sneakers are all day–everyday shoes, and you need at least two in your fall lineup.

{Yes, Brad! I said at least two pairs!}


Veja Sneakers

In sneakers, these are the must-have pair. They come in EVERY • COLOR • IMAGINABLE! But don’t fret — all the colors are just on the “V”, so they still go with just about any outfit.

Straight Review:: They’re light, comfortable, and cute. I love that mine have a ‘V’ of color, but are mostly white so I can wear them with anything.

The flip side of that is…they’re white, and if you’ve been around A Glimpse of Good for awhile, you know my love-hate relationship with this stain-magnet color I have.

The rounded toe is the only hurdle for me. I have a very narrow foot, and the wide toe took some getting used to. Took me a good few weeks to stop seeing Krusty-the-Clown shoes every time I looked at them.

Veja sneakers, tennis shoes, casual shoe

Wild Nike’s

Truth. These were an impulse buy.

I stay in the black ‘n white sneaker family on the regular, but when I saw these with the bright red and a li’l bit of leopard print…it was a “why not” moment.

But you should always add something FUN and OUT OF YOUR NORM to the closet now and then. Chapter 50, remember? Break loose your style here and there. And if they have a higher footbed so you look a teeeeeeny bit taller — all the better {or is that just me?}!

Straight Review:: They have a very SNUG fit through the laces. They won’t slip at all, but I had to loosen up the laces more than normal for my “just right fit”. These are stylish shoes only; I’d never use them for a workout.

Mine sold out, but this all-tan-pattern is another option for fall, and will go with a lot more than mine do.

If you wanna just dip your pinky toe into wild style, I’ve been spotting gold sneakers everywhere in shoes.

The Narrow Whites

As I said, white + me = short wear-span. But surprisingly, these are on their second year.

Straight Review:: All white, so they go with everything. They have a more narrow fit than my Veja sneakers, but they’re more stiff then my Veja’s.

Again, these sold out fast, but I found other good options for a casual white pair::

Sorel Sneakers

My holy grail in workout + walking sneakers!

I have had this style in every color they made –except purple

{I have had a purple aversion since my middle school days, when my parents let me pick my new room colors and didn’t stop me when I chose purple walls, purple carpet, purple, purple, purple 🤮 — cured me of that particular color choice.}

Straight Review:: The soft cloth upper and the insole fit my feet like those tall beanbag chairs you squished into as a kid. I•LOVE•THESE•SNEAKERS!

Each style I own::

If you get any shoes for fall, these are the ones. Flats are a hit this year, and they’ve brought back our loafers {with the penny this time}.


Loafers are an investment for me. I have three different pairs that I’ve worn for over 10 years.

This black pair has been in my closet for at least 15 years, and I still love wearing them. By now, we all know style is on a merry-go-round.

They always come back around. And this fall, flats and loafers are on the list again.

Straight Review:: I love them –period

Soft + Comfortable Loafer Finds::

Blue Suede Shoes

Never been a fan of Elvis songs, but I’d give another listen to this song wearing my blue suede shoes.

Straight Review:: I like the higher footbed + they’re super comfy, but if I don’t wear a sock/no-show-sock with them, the heel sometimes slips. I went searching to link for you, and found another fall shoe sold out from the shelves.

Other good options that are NOT SOLD OUT::

flats, loafers, blue suede shoes

Nude Flats + Cognac Flat

I’m combining these two because I bought both to compare. When all the stylists rave about the shoes for fall, they have AT LEAST one of these looks on their lists.

I ordered both at the same time because I couldn’t decide which color I liked better for fall. Different brands, so of course they fit differently. I’m wearing both as I type this to try and decide which fit I like best.

Straight Review:: For the color — go with the basic nude. It goes with more of any wardrobe.

For the fit, it feels both nice and light {almost doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a real shoe}. Yes, you’ll feel the rocks if you’re ever walking a gravel path. Sidewalk shoes for sure.

  • The nude pair has less cushion than the cognac pair.
  • Both have a snug fit
  • I like the suede-ish look of the nude pair better {smooth}
  • Nude pair has a better fit and shape on my narrow foot

Okay then, just typing all that out for you helped me decide which to send back. B will be thrilled I’m not keeping both…which tends to happen when you have a shoe addiction.😉

Slip on a new pair for Fall apple-picking, pumpkin spice latte runs, date night, or just a trip to Target.

Want more ideas to complete your Fall look?

What’s your favorite shoe — boots, flats, sneakers?

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