The Best Gifts To Travel Places and How To Drop Hints For Your Wish List

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When you travel places, visit the people, see the things, drop into that cute coffee shop for a shot of java to keep moving through your jet lag afternoon {AND find an outlet to charge your dying phone}, you realize you need a particular list for the traveling through life person.

Today’s gift guide is for YOU {or the person you’re shopping for} if

  1. You like to travel
  2. You forget things
  3. You’re not sure what to bring on your trips
  4. You know a person who overpacks for every trip
  5. You need a fun, cute, unique stocking stuffer, Hanukkah gift, or office party exchange

{Fine! #4 is me — I’m the overpacker! And while you’re judging me, I’ll just spill the rest too… YES, I am THAT MOM who asked her teens before every trip if they had extra space in their suitcases for this or that. 🤷🏻‍♀️}

But that now comes in very handy in putting together a travelers shopping guide for you!

It was all for research.

The Travel Places Wish List

Other uber specific gift guides if you’re looking for other gift inspiration::

Travel Places with this Gift List of 15

1/ Portable Charging Station for your phone, watch, and airpods — I’d always, ok, 8/10 times, forget one of my chargers until I bought this one. One charger + it folds flat in my suitcase

2/ Packing Cubes for easy packing –and unpacking–

I wrote about my packing cubes in this post. I tested out the less expensive Bagail set, but now I’m hooked and getting a few compression cubes too.

3/ The frequent flyer on your list will love the creativity in this Bottoms Up Gin & Tonic kit

4/ Apple Watch — Yes, on the splurge side, + yes, very ‘square’ in style but for traveling this is life to me. It’s connected to my phone so I can talk through it {we see you Buck Rogers}, I pay with it, Find + track my phone when I forget where I set it🤦🏽‍♀️, and keep track of my workouts/steps.

I’m a cautious traveler, so not having to take out my wallet or phone all the time while traveling, hiking, site-seeing, or shopping is one less way for me to lose or forget something.

I sparkle up my watch with this cover to give my watch a little zaz

5/ Noise Canceling Earbuds I’ve used AirPod Pros. The regular ones don’t fit my ears right and ache after an hour.

Other like the cover-my-head headphones, So I linked a few of the better rated ones here too.

JBL wireless Bluetooth

Cowen Pro Bluetooth

Beats earbuds

6/ Portable chargers are a MUST. Ever take a video, or 2,351 photos on a trip and see your battery drop to 6% while out on a hike?

Mini portable with powerful charge
Thin all-purpose charger for multiple devices and carry case

7/ A Flat Travel Pillow — Yep, I said flat — hows that for a packers DREAM!? And with over 30K reviews it’s time to save the neck of your professional-plane-sleeper and gift them a new {+ washable} travel pillow

8/ When I say Rick Steves, you think?

The man, the guru, the travel book icon. Me too!

We’re planning a trip back to Italy in 2024 and you bet your bibbity-bobbity-magic-trip-planning will include the latest Rick Steves Italy edition on my Christmas list.

{If you’re looking for yourself and don’t want to buy a copy, check you local library}

9/ Any & All International Travel needs an adaptor and all-n-one is the ONLY WAY TO GO

10/ Bag it up for the traveler in one of these 3 ideas::

Baggallini Purse
IKEA backpack-or-tote

11/ Sun Hat | Hiking Hat | Visor :: Keep the sunspots away, but also avoid wearing goopy sunscreen all the time

12/ TSA Travel Bottle Set that are easy to refill, easy to squeeze, easy to pack

13/ American Airlines Gift Cards — I’m sure all airlines have them, but we fly AA 99% of the time😉

14/ Weleda Lotion — Perfect sticking stuffer and small to fit in luggage, carry-on, or the clear bag that comes with your TSA bottle set {find it at Amazon, Target, Macy’s}

15/ My Never Tangle Jewelry Ever Again Box {and it come in pink!} And by gifting this, you’re letting all the Ziploc plastic baggies return to sandwich-only duty.

Have you started your holiday shopping?

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