The Benefits of Dry January & How to do it in The Doldrums of Winter


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You scrolled past the crown-wearing-dancing-dog video and stopped on MY DRY JANUARY reel?!

I’m touched!

AHHHHHH — you clicked the wrong link?

It happens. But as long as you’re here…


Yes, I know I wrote last week on the UN-Resolution Year, and now I show up with this post, which is alllllmost like a resolution.

but it’s NOT

Serrrrrrr-iously! It isn’t.

This is a month-long #dryjanuarychallenge to test out which, with all the science-y stuff below, will improve our bodily lifestyle –better sleep, drop a few ounces, or stop the microcosmus stomach grumblings that awaken when spirits cross your lips.

Or maybe you want door #4:: a reset from all the CHEER you imbibed during the holiday season.

Join in the mystique of aging your wine another month, and leave your cabernet in your wine fridge for January.

The tequilier {sommelier of tequila} also phoned to let me know:: the worm in the bottom of your mezcal bottle will remain sip-a-ri-fic by the end of January, too…

…which merry-go-rounds me back to my first question:: do you wanna give dry January a good ol’ college try? {OOHHH, my dear college students, give those livers a break, SAVE SOME MOOLA, feel a little healthier, and join in on this one! The best hangover cure is avoiding the alcohol😁}

Who Started This Anyway?

Dry January began in 2012 as an initiative by Alcohol Change UK, a British charity, to “ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, and save some serious money by giving up alcohol for 31 days.”

Other goodies that might come with this one-month challenge::

  • Better Sleep
  • Better Concentration
  • Brighter/healthier-looking skin
  • Drop a few pounds
  • More energy/motivation
  • Keep the stomach kraken at bay

The Science-y Stuff Behind Dry January

So you clicked into this Chapter 50 blog post to pass the time while you’re in the check-out or pick-up line. And I know science-y stuff can be dry, but there will be ONE STAT that GRABS YOU!

I dropped my own commentary in here too to lift up the drab and dull statistic-science-speak. DRAB & DULL never, in the history of ever, got anyone to read.

The Science Stat:: “Alcohol hits the neurochemical pathways in our brain and releases endorphins that make us feel good,” says Michael Levy, Ph.D., a psychologist and author of Take Control of Your Drinking.

My Take:: Sitting down with a glass of wine or your 2-for-1 margarita night at casa de Jones in your Pepto-Bismol-pink pajamas most definitely, temporarily, gives a sense of calm and comfort.

Science Stat:: A moderate consumption of alcohol for women is about one glass per day and no more than seven per week. Drinking more than that can lead to a slew of health issues. “A month-long break could be the kickstart you’re looking for in the new year,” Levy says.

My Take:: It can be easy to sip right past that number on a cozy night in; one more glass wouldn’t hurt, right? Reality check…how many glasses do you drink in a week?

Science Stat {Harvard Health Medical School}:: “While drinking a moderate amount of alcohol is associated with health benefits for some people in observational studies, heavier drinking and long-term drinking can increase physical and mental problems, especially among older adults. Heart and liver damage, a higher cancer risk, a weakened immune system, memory issues, and mood disorders are common issues.”

“Cutting out alcohol for even a month can make a noticeable difference in your health.”

My Take:: I’m an easy test monkey. The first two articles I read proclaimed “BETTER SLEEP” and “BETTER CONCENTRATION”. Right then I announced –to our sleeping cat Charlie– “Sign me up!”

Bonus Science-y Stat:: Last research stat why, even for a month, to test if the benefits of dry January for you.

Which one was it?

Which stat grabbed you– shook you into joining me in the monkey cage this month?

“Dryish January” — a little more dry than December. Drinking less, even if you don’t give up alcohol altogether, can help too. Ish-ing has its benefits too.

{I’ve been no-sugar-ISH for like, 4,347 days now and failed on 3,998 of those days. But I keep trying. Dang that chocolate and caramel combo!🥴}

What To drink in dry january?

1/ Find a substitute to drink:: fill your wine glass with fruit-infused water or flavored sparkling water.

2/ Try my oh-so-EASY Bubbly Lemon-Lime Drink

3/ Any Aperol Spritz fans in the house? {If you’re Italian, you HAVE to answer yes!}

January substitute::

  • 1 part Wilfred’s Aperitif {NA version to Aperol}
  • 2 parts tonic water
  • orange slice in the glass + fancy extra for a cute garnish

Grab your pretty wine glass, fill with ice, drop in orange slice and pour Aperitif + Tonic to top off. Turn on some Emily in Paris on Netflix and be all fancy on a Tuesday night 🤗

4/ I found this one on the Betty Buzz site. As if Blake Lively couldn’t get ANY CUTER, she starts this company + has a NA collection of drinks. And don’t even get me rambling about her hubby 🔥

Ginger Apple

  • Half Bottle of Ginger Beer
  • 2 oz. Cloudy Apple Juice
  • 0.5 oz Lemon Juice
  • Cinnamon Simple Syrup {‘simple’ to make + keep in the fridge}
  • Garnish with an Apple Fan to be fancy-ish

Combine all except the apple of your eye in the shaker, give it a shimmy-shake and pour over ice in your stylish bar glass. Only fits to watch Gossip Girl, A Simple Favor, or The Age of Adaline while you sip.

5/ The “sober-curious” trend has NA drinks popping up on a lot of menus, along with alcohol-free bars and events. This BBC article offers NA liquors for mixed drinks.

Dry January is Fizzing over the top in popularity

Restaurants are jumping on the wagon to support Dry January, and dining out with friends isn’t as big a challenge for Dry January. Gone are the days of O’Douls or “Would you like a Shirley Temple instead?”

Restaurants are seeing the surge in this trend {those brilliant little marketers} and your drink menu choices are growing in creativity, chilling right past the one-n-only Shirley Temple with a cherry on top.

But honestly, who doesn’t love a sticky-sweet, classic Shirley Temple? 😁

You know the benefits of Dry January are growing fast up the grapevine when Walla Walla restaurants {Voted Best Western Wine Country} start promoting this trend on Visit Walla Walla AND in their upcoming February restaurant of the month.


If Walla Walla wine country is getting in on this, I am too!

I’ll see you back here on January 31st after my well-slept nights and bright skin is shining though 🤗

Until then, are you on Facebook {@aglimpseofgood} or Instagram {@a.glimpseofgood} with me yet? I’m posting, reeling, and asking about your #dryjanuarychallenge over there too.

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Dry January + 3 More Travel Benefits For You::

What’s your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

P.S As I wrote above, I’m not a black or white –all or nothing– kinda gal. I’m going all in this time to see if dry January makes a difference for some new menopause changes that’ve popped in for a visit. I don’t plan on giving up my wine forever, but I’m here for a January reset.

Cheers to a Dry Janaury {or damp, if that’s your thang}!

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