The 50-Something-Body Operating System — This Aging Reboot is A Quirky One

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The Quirks of the 50-Something Body and an Aging Reboot

If you thought aging into Forty-Something was a change, hold onto your faux-leather –now called vegan friendly– Spanx! This 50-Something Body Operating System has a brand new SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! and FREEING reboot.

Welcome to The 50-Something Body NOS {New Operating System}. It’s an automatic reboot, with no purchase necessary.

Don’t panic!

I’ve been beta-testing the NOS for a year and 310 days, plus making tweaks that’ll ease you into this new biological processor. {by the way — the word “aging” IS NOT an ugly word. We won’t like everything about it all the time, but IT IS A PRIVILEGE to be living into another decade.}

There are freeing upgrades that’ve arrived in this new system too…

The “No thank you, I don’t wanna do that” comes out more freely, plus caring less if people don’t like you for who you are.

SIDENOTE:: Every system will have a few glitches with it, but I’m adapting to mine and the system is responding favorably most days. The instruction booklet –HA, there are no universal instructions– will vary by user.

Once your Fifty-Something-Body NOS arrives, open each new upgrade with an expectation for the unexpected. Hope you like surprises😁

The Fifty-Something-Body Aging System :: Queen Grace

Switching on this system for the first time

As with the 30’s and 40’s upgrades, this aging system is shrouded in mystery — not having an exact date for when it arrives at your doorstep is the first. SURPRISE!

Queen Grace

Apple’s NOS names have nothing on Queen Grace! Snow Leopard came close, because that name sounds elegantly powerful — I’ll give ’em props for that one.

Why Queen Grace?

Each aging upgrade makes you a Queen of the others {20’s, 30’s, 40’s} and Grace, because every year after 49, it’s time to extend yourself extra Grace and stop fixating on age so much.


Your Fifty-Something-Body NOS –Queen Grace hence forward– can drop on you from 45–55 years. {No Apple upgrade could ever last that long. Ahhhh Queen Grace, overachieving yet again.}

We can’t give you an exact delivery date due to the genetics of your original system date-stamped at birth.

The beauty with each decade is that an NOS is tailored to fit your exact specifications –YAY!– but as you’ve experienced in your Thirty- and Forty-Body upgrades, it’s all part of the genetics lottery.

Queen Grace is wired from your genetic battery life, so apply extra patience if and when the rainbow wheel appears and spins at random moments in the day. It happens.

You should also be prepared for automatic updates at anytime that you can’t plan or control. {Section 5.7, paragraph 50 highlights the “HOT FLASH GLITCH”. If your Queen Grace is similar to mine, that one happens frequently.}

Possible Aging Amenities to expect from Queen Grace

  • Queen Grace upgraded to a smaller, fuzzier font size on everything!
  • Frayed or thinning cords
  • Silverfox speeds up {my version gave me a Jay Leno gray streak instead}
  • It’s not dust on your screen, those are whiskers
  • The Queen starts each day with a pop, snap, or spinning rainbow wheel {brain fog}
  • Your processor whirrs to life at 3am, 4am, 5am 👀
  • The shiny-new seems to wear off faster than before {laugh lines, crate-paper skin}

Adaptable options to these Amenities

  • Peepers has the CA-UUUT-EST updates for the fuzzy, shrinking fonts
  • Cut the cord {shorter locks take less time to style, or try extensions}
  • Help Silverfox along by going all platinum {or keep coloring. #youdoyou}
  • One word…Tinkle {NOT that kind, but that’s a thang too when you laugh too hard.} Painless whisker removal
  • Stretching everyday {Some type of exercise, at least 30 minutes if you can}
  • Napatizers {sitting down with a book but falling asleep just before dinner — I’m a big fan}
  • Watering — Typically this is frowned upon with electrical circuitry-n-all, but Queen Grace THRIVES on daily watering of all her circuitry. {My water post goes into detail, if you’re curious}


When your spouse forgets his 3-pack black Costco readers and puts on YOUR Peepers to read the menu in the romantically dark –annoying– restaurant, you’ll want to be sure to turn the volume down on Queen Grace…it’s a good laugh seeing B in my funky+wild patterned readers😂 Funky-n-fun is my new black.

The Queen Grace Processor may cause a drop in energy levels or mood variations.


Queen Grace aging upgrades are delivered to you free of charge, at random intervals in your middle years between 45–55. ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS ACCEPTED


1. Value your previous upgrades that have gotten to this one

>twenty.2 –the free-n-clear update
>thirty.3 — hustle-hustle-hustle update
>forty.4 –established-but-still-hustling update

2. “I’m not gonna do that” upgrade

This is a glorious new update Queen Grace and aging brings, where you no longer feel that you HAVE to do everything {Yes, Valerie, I AM staying home instead of attending the 3rd –insert mandatory obligation here– tonight.}


My Queen Grace NOS won’t be identical to yours, but I hope you grab onto this NOS and be MORE KIND TO YOURSELF.

We may not be our “wish-weight”

It may take us longer to get things done

Some parts sag, wrinkle, or get spots like that zoo animal in Dr. Seuss’ book “Put Me in the Zoo” {what kind of animal is that anyway?}

And most-est of all…

PLEASE remember– It’s a blessing to reach this age! Not everyone does {translation — STOP nit-picking at yourself}

{Valerie’s doing enough of that for you since you told her you’re not showing up tonight}

Open the CHAT box anytime –comment below or DM — for chiming in with me, asking questions, adding your glitches, or sending a virtual wine glass CHEERS to say, “Hi”.

Most of all…

Other posts for your aging perusing + a style bonus😉::

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P.S. Find a community of 50+ Mama’s who are celebrating this next chapter! I’m gallivanting the globe {and small towns} ✈️ styling like a colorful peacock {+ neutrals} 💃🏼 reading good books 📚 that match with my Walla Walla wine inspirations 🍷 and starting my PASSION PROJECT of renovating + redecorating #TheHouseGrandpaBuilt, building on an Italian heritage and legacy through a vacation rental experience!

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