Styling Maxi Skirts For Lá petite to Let Out your inner Bohemian Goddess


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Let’s Channel your Inner Bohemian Goddess

A maxi skirt is the perfect wardrobe piece when you want to channel your inner bohemian goddess,


when you’re feeling lazy but still want to look put together.

However, when you’re a petite {petite:: short, vertically challenged, smurf-height} you shy away from pieces that accentuate your shortness. 🙋🏼‍♀️

But let me tell you –no, show you– why you’re missing out on this…Dare I say CAPSULE wardrobe piece!

Chocolate and the skirt

A maxi skirt is like a Snickers bar, it satisfies all your cravings.

It’s long, plus can be flowy, and has a way of making you feel both elegant and comfortable at the same time. And, just like a Snickers bar, it never goes out of style.

For this reason I’m focusing on #5, from my Winter edition of Savvy and Splurge post — maxi skirts. Seeing them on the street, in the airports, and in my house {when I were mine}, this Fall and Winter I became obsessed with styling the petite-self to pull off this look.

AND NOT looking like I’d been chopped at the knees.

No reason all the 5’7” — 5’9” women should get the maxi skirts and we petites get the midi’s or mini’s in winter time.

Presenting the optical illusion for a petite to look less-short in a maxi skirt

Tip 1/ Which skirt style is for you? All skirts have names {other than “skirt”} This image from Modern Elegance Style gives you the visual tutorial.

skirt style, skirt length, maxi skirts

Just Curious:: With a quick raise of hands…How many call the shortest one a mid-thigh skirt? How many call it a mini skirt? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Tip 2/ Practice the Rule of Thirds when you wear a Maxi Skirt. The skirt covers two-thirds of your body, so your top should be one-third.

  • Wear a short or crop top with your maxi skirt
  • In Winter, wear a shorter sweater or tee + short blazer

Tip 3/ Solids vs Prints

  • Monochromatic hues pair seamlessly with this look {top and bottom are in the same hue, hint or shade of color so there isn’t a stark break, or divider from head to toe}
  • Monochromatic’s on the color wheel give petite’s a taller appearance. {Wearing a baby blue shirt — 1/3 — with a navy maxi skirt — 2/3–}

For the Lover of Prints

  • Style away from too loud + too big. If you love florals pick a smaller, mini daisy, print floral instead of big blooming iris’s on your skirt.

Tip 4/ Show Some Skin

We can give our legs a longer appearance by adding a skirt slit in the front, side or back to show some of leg. That little peek makes our legs look longer. {No, not 5’9” longer, but a skoch bit taller.}

At 5’3” I’ll take a skoch more where I can make it.

Tip 5/ Vertical Lines are a Petite Girls BFF

It’s one-part illusion, one part…Actually it’s all illusion because I’m 5’3” and never getting any taller. But knowing which illusions work in your style favor is the goodness.

  • Keep the lines vertical in your shirt + skirt

Tip 6/ Heels and Wedges

Normally big chunky wedges overpower small frames, but in maxi skirts for lá petite, those wedges are mostly covered so it’s all added height.

{You might even be eye-to-eye with your kids again😉} Wedge heels are a go when smurf-height women wear maxi skirts.

Maxi Skirts are Just the Beginning of Your Chapter 50 Styles::

SOOOO, Snickers or Milky Way with your Casual or fancy BOHO maxi skirts?

P.S. It’s not all style around here…Join the traveling memoirs in a Chapter 50 for a monthly coffee date + wine o’clock for globetrotting travel tips {not Globetrotters basketball, but I’m not against watching sports}.

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