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Stocking stuffer ideas in our house range from cute trinkets like a new pair of earrings, to the absolutely necessary, to “I depend on these every year in my stocking to make it through the year”. {Except eye glass cleaner — we have enough to last us through ascending to the pearly gates.}

{Nonna, if you’re reading this, we’re all good on glasses cleaner😉 Grammy, if you’re reading this, these trinket hints work for E + N too}

Here is your one-stop {one-click} EASY BUTTON!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas + The Necessary

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1/ Lip Chap — These disappear out of our house like the mystery socks in the dryer. If you’re like B, you just want the basic-no fuss-lip-chap in your stocking

2/ Tool Kit for fingernails, toenails, slivers…and perfect for one going to college or moving out of your house who might be tempted to stow your clippers and tweezers along with them as they exit. This Rose Gold case gives some extra shine to a “necessary” gift

3/ Stress Relief in Neck & Shoulders — Who carries their stress in their neck & shoulders? 🙋🏼‍♀️

4/ Shower Bombs — For all the non-bath-takers who still want some bomb aroma {the Eucalyptus one is great for cold season}

5/ Colorful Fuzzy SocksWool & Shoes Wearable SocksBook Lovers Fuzzy Socks…because winter lasts a loooong time

6/ Cheese Knives — While the TikTok world has moved on to butter boards {obviously those butter people aren’t 50+ and going through a severe metabolism shift}, I’m forever planted in charcuterie world, so I’ll keep adding boards and knives to the collection.

7/ Polish color for a New Year — And a name to match…New Year, New Hue

8/ Market Spice Tea Bags — Warm orange spices on a cold day {wrap a book and a blanket to match}

9/ Travel Jewelry Case — This one is for the serious jewelry packer. I have this travel box. But I’m eyeing this slimmer case now

10/ All-in-one Portable Charger — Everything — yes, EVERYTHING — encased in one piece so I {I mean you} won’t lose the plug, or cord, or block between the seats in the car. Plus it’s thin, and lasts for days.

11/ 10-ft iPhone Charging Cord — The cords that come with your phone are never long enough to go from plug to cozied-up-on-the-couch, but these are {+the braided cord lasts a lot longer}! THIS ONE is the USB-C to A charging cord

12/ Pure Wine Wand — I’ve talked about these before. Adding them here for their perfect sock-stuffing size {and in case anyone is looking for a daughter gift…cough-cough}

13/ New Plush Throw — Grab your wine {with the wands}, a book, and new plush throw and stuff all three into the stocking {or wrap each individually for 3-days worth of Hanukkah gifts}.

14/ Rose Gold Corkscrew & Stopper — You didn’t know you needed. {also a 4th wrap in your 8-day Hanukkah gifts


16/ Kate Spade Stud Earrings — Sparkle & SHINE in dainty stud earrings that slide easily into a stocking

17/ CeraVe Retinol — The necessity that fits easily in my your stocking and used every day

A few books from my favorites this year to squeeze or stuff in the stocking…

18/ The Paris Apartment {Mystery} Twist, turn, and climb the stairs for the BIGGEST MYSTERY in the book
19/ Book Lovers {RomCom} They are so opposite that they’ll fit together perfectly — at some point
20/ Counterfeit {Fashion Crime} Not an actual category, but this one is a sly read…You’ll see why😉
21/ The Chanel Sisters {Historical Fiction} A little fashion history, a lot of Coco history

Other Idea lists if you’re still looking for day 7 and day 8 of Hanukkah gifts or Christmas::

Stuffed with stocking ideas, but Traveling for the holidays? These might help::

Have you started your holiday shopping?

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