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3 min readJul 7, 2022
SPANX, fall fashion leggings with boots

The unpopular fall fashion truth about SPANX as I shimmied-wiggled-and-hopped into them.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts soon and as I was previewing what’s coming out in the Fall fashions I came across the always-so-very popular SPANX seamless leggings in the preview.

Don’t click on your size!
Do not hit “add to cart”!

The particular pair of SPANX I bought last year at an after-Christmas sale are vice-gripes waiting to cinch, squeeze, indent, and suck the pleasure out of wearing leggings forever pair.

What the holy guac would possess women to buy a pair of seemingly cute stretch pants that ultimately cut off circulation and remind us to be relieved for not being born in mid-century Europe when wooden corsets were the rage?

After all the years of rave reviews from Influencers around the web, I thought having a pair in my Fall fashion line-up seemed liked a versatile and comfortable pair of bottoms to add into the closet. I’d been looking at SPANX for years, but never clicked, “buy” until last year.

People rave about these all Fall and Winter long; “Best piece to have in the closet!” “I can’t live without my SPANX!”

My test-run pair were the “Look At Me Now Seamless Leggings”. In the Anniversary sale they’re only $44 {four-★ review}. Good price point to buy + try the ultimate in butt and thigh squeezers if you dare.

Should You get a pair in your Fall Fashion Line-up?

Of course the expectation will be a super snug fitting pair of leggings. The hype on SPANX is holding you in at the places you want that extra firm hold. Howeverrr, I did not know we were all looking for extra hold at our calves.

In the dance of pulling my pair on I closed 7-minutes of exercise time on my watch rings. So I’ll give them a two-★ review for that::


But once they were on, I stopped drinking water. There’s not enough space to do that shimmy-wiggle routine in a bathroom stall. {one-★}

Good-molly-oh-mighty no stretch pants should compress your legs like that UNLESS they’re going to l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y squeeze the extra cellulite out of your skin forever.

What about the comfort…Even a bit of enjoyment with the hold-you-in-why-you-wear-leggings!?

I really wanted to love my SPANX that I’d dreamt of, but never-will-I-ever squeeze into that pair again. Comfort over squeeze in this chapter of life. Unless of course, {there’s always an “unless” right?} I haven’t done laundry and there’s not one piece of clothing left in the closet. Then I’ll consider squeezing in again.

What should you add to your Fall Fashion?

There are a lot of SPANX options out there, and I’ve read about two other pairs that may be worth your try. Maybe I clicked “buy” on the wrong pair my first merry-go-round.

If you’re considering SPANX for your Fall fashions this year then the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a good place to purchase and test your squeeze threshold. I haven’t personally tried either pairs below, but again, a lot of good talk on these::

A rare unpopular perspective on the SPANX I know. I’m a big fan of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for trying new Fall fashions, so maybe, just mayyyyybe I’ll give another version a try this year. But my wish list for the sale this year is growing pretty long.

What are you eyeing on this year’s digital preview catalog?

Happy Fall Fashion Shopping!

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