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Questioning your Personal Style at 50?

Personal style can be simple:: “I just want to cover my lady-parts, and if it’s winter, everything from scalp to pinky-toe.” It’s a throw-it-on-and-go style.

Personal style can be an expression of your personality:: “The brighter, louder, more patterned, the better!”

Or, in mid life, personal style can be a new experiment:: “I’ve always worn X, but I want to try those maxi skirts and patterned coats I’m seeing everywhere.”

All styles float back around. Why not float right along with those trends that catch your beautiful blue/green/brown/hazel eyes?

Except the flapper dress — I haven’t see a variation of that style since my own mama dressed up in one for Halloween one year. But it could be fun for a dance night, right?

Personal Style and Trends

When a style gains popularity, you’ll see everyone adding their own touch to it and making it their own. Or they might just straight-out copy the look. YOU add the unique flair just by wearing it.😉

If you don’t know where you want to start…START SIMPLE.

You already have a closet full of clothes — walk in there and pull out your favorite pair of jeans and a white shirt.

Basic uniform look ✔

Now, what new trend caught your eye…a jacket, scarf, blazer, button-up with a scarf look…?

Add that to your uniform, everyday style, and…


Just like that, you’ve made a new mid-life personal style outfit.

In my last article, I created a uniform wardrobe to get you dressed and out the door every morning with 7 pieces to mix-n-match.

Now, embellish those seven closet pieces with a trendy piece that caught your eye. I love scarves. I have a whole wall of them to use in my hair, around my neck, as a bracelet, and the list goes on…just like when my baby girl goes on about Rainbow Rowell’s latest book release {it’s a loooong list of scarf styles😉}.

hat, blazer, jeans

Personal Style is

  • Just that, PERSONAL
  • Feeling comfortable in what you wear
  • Not constantly “shopping the looks” — mix in pieces from your closet, too
  • How you like to shop, spend your time, and even doing that dreaded laundry

{Dry-clean-only kinda gal, “throw-it-all-in-together”, Sunday-is-laundry-day, or a mix of all?}

If “Never have I ever gone to the dry cleaners” is your motto, then cashmere won’t ever be in your wardrobe. Maybe you’ve always been a, “lady in black” kinda person, but now you want to add some COLOR to your closet.

How do you feel about bikini’s in mid life?

Case in point: I had no problem wearing a bikini in my teens and twenties. Bless those tan + taut skin days. Today, at 51, after having a spot of skin cancer removed, add my Elmer’s-glue-colored abs to the crinkling texture of crêpe paper starting to form around my middle, and I’ll be spending my dollars in the one-piece suits section.

Maybe you’re going to wear that cute floral two-piece bikini with every rotation of the sun until you leave this Earth — DO IT!

Oh, and the critiques by “those people”…they probably won’t stop. The sarcastic, derogatory people seem to pop up…Just like florals every spring ☟☟

We ARE groundbreaking!

Personal Style Rules TO Follow

Rule 1/ If you’re aging, be grateful {means you’re not dead}

Rule 2/ Wear what you’re comfortable in {Nasty Nelly’s can go pound sand}

And my five personal favorites::
{in a different kind of personal Style}

1/ Drink water first thing every morning {even before coffee😱}

2/ Move my body at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week

3/ Eat clean {most of the time😉Who turns down Crumbl cookies!?}

4/ Sleep {my dream are seven uninterrupted hours — someday it’ll happen}

5/ Sing & dance more + practice my yoga

Personal style is PERSONAL TO YOU! — Groundbreaking statement right!?

In a world where so many think they know more, or better, or best, we’re all pulling on those boot-cut jeans one leg at a time, with a different colored top to follow.

That’s it. Simple.

Spreading new style ideas around like confetti in an exploding popper to bring a little CHEER {and style fun} for the day! Looking for something a little different to pop in your closet?

Stick around here for awhile and you’ll have all kinds of personal style inspiration ready for your traveling days, too. Rome, Paris, Barcelona, or Walla Walla — what sounds good? ☺️

How about new personal style ideas dropped each month? ☟☟

Refresh your second act and click into a Mid Life Refresh. 💖 We’ll sip a glass of our favorite reds and share a style video soirée. You relax — I style {both with a glass}, so you can settle into your next style 👇🏼

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