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3 min readNov 7, 2022
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My favorite things this year roam all categories, except the shoe aisle. I know, I’ve praised many-a-shoe in posts and Pinterest. But I couldn’t single out one pair without leaving the others feeling unworn.

Before we eat the last piece of leftover Halloween candy the stores fill with ideas for finding THAT GIFT for Mom, Sister, second-cousin-on-your-mothers-side, that always, without fail, arrives Christmas Eve with the perfect gift for you and says,

“This screamed you and I had to get it!”

I WANT gifts to scream my mother or sister-in-law’s name when I walk through the shops or scroll Amazon. Maybe they’re whispering and I just can’t hear it.

If gift ideas aren’t bellowing into your ear either, I’m starting my gift guide’s earlier this year to share ideas and avoid donating plasma to pay for express shipping getting Aunt Helen’s gift to her on time.

{When you have all your shopping done before Thanksgiving, you’ll have extra time to donate that plasma — or blood — and that’s an amazing gift to a stranger💖}

First list:: My Favorite Things

{I know, the audacity of trying to replicate Oprah’s magnificent lists of past} However, I’ve been asked, “Where did you get that” over this year, so …Viola…a short my favorite things.

And over the next few weeks four uber specific guides are coming to the Chapter 50 Blog::

  • The Stylers Gift Guide
  • The Travelers Gift Guide
  • Book Lovers Gift Guide
  • Wine Lovers Gift Guide

The gifts are more original than my list names 😉

11 of My Favorite Things

1/ Mukoko Stainless 12oz tumbler — It’s glass — It’s metal — for coffee — for wine IT DOES IT ALL

2/ Lululemon belt bag — When soccer games are in season and i need free hands to move with my camera. Not to mention in the burgundy color I have, you’ll never see the cabernet I spilled all over it at dinner {#truestory}

3/ J Crew Sweater Blazer / Coatigan — I have the longer one, but if you don’t like a calf-length

4/ Toiletry Travel Bag — All the face, hair, and nail goodies bundle together for the holiday trip

5/ Fuzzy socks — Not too long and not too short, as Goldielocks would say

6/ Monique Rochelle engraved ring — An everyday reminder on your finger… “Walk by faith” | “You are enough” | “She can do all things”

7/ Scarf Sparkle — For your hair, handbag, wristlet, neck, and sneezes {no, not these for sneezes. I’m thinking cotton, not satin}

8/ Market Spice Tea Bags — A taste of home delivered to my door

9/ Cinnamon Drops — Some cars carry tictac’s or Altoids, but in mine you’ll find the ol’ fashion cinnamon drops.

10/ My Tortoise Peepers — Frank Sinatra’s song was wayyyy ahead of its time. If I gotta wear readers, make-em cute.

🎶“Jeepers creepers where’d you get those peepers — jeepers creepers, where’d you get those eyes”🎶 {The song you can’t get out of your head today 😁}

11/ Down Dog Yoga App — I found this app during ‘the lockdown’. With yoga, HiiT, and meditation, it’s a nice change-up {I’m up to a whopping 11 minutes in the meditation app 🤪 That’s some big time progress for my SQUIRREL! brain.

Shipping’s been on the It’s a Small World Disney ride track this year. If you take nothing else from this post jump on this…

SHOP EARLY and avoid paying that express shipping to Aunt Helen.

Traveling is one of my favorite things too::

Have you started your holiday shopping?

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