Get Your Over-50 Women’s Fashion Uniform Ready TO Wear For Spring!

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For My Over-50 Female Friends Who Want a Fashion “Uniform”

Maybe you know the phrase better as “Capsule Wardrobe”.
“No one puts Baby in a corner!” while you wander both sides of the style closet with ease, but also want to add some flair on special occasions. {I see you, Tracey😉}

Today, I wanna help the Tracey’s with a spring refresh!

Do you want a go-to, neatly-stacked pile of clothes to mix-n-match with infinitesimal or ZERO dressing effort? I dub thee “The Uniform” — or “Easy Button”

It’s early February, and with that fluffy, powder-like stuff on the ground, we’re all dreaming of an early spring. Next week works into my schedule — you?

In the hopes that Mother Nature grants our wish, let’s start scavenging through the closet to get ready for warmer days, my over-50 fashion fiend!

Hit that Easy Button and gather up these fashion pieces from your closet, or use my links to refresh your closet.

7 Pieces to Build Your Spring Fashion Uniform

1/ Jeans

Rotate two to four different styles. The trend watchers will tell us a jean style isn’t in vogue anymore, but they’re jeans, wear any style you want! {Hey Felicia, you can stop telling me to ditch my skinny jeans now}.

When you have a variety of jean colors and styles, you can match ’em up with everything for a “trendy”, fresh look that no one will guess is your ‘uniform look’::

2/ White Shirts

If you love something, set it free buy a lot of them, especially if they’re white. Same rule applies for the white denim…get extra. Crisp white quickly turns sour-milk-white {and sometimes wine-spill white}.

There’s nothing more drab than a white shirt that has fallen into the color range of chicken broth. {No matter how much you love it — it’s time to repurpose it in the dust-rag pile.}

You can spend the whole of your existence adding white shirts to your closet and still not have every style {plain, ruffles, stiff collar, butterfly collar, pleated, tux, linen, short tee, long tee…}

Get white shirts into your closet.

3/ Black Blazer

They never go out of style. Yes, you’ll see different styles of black blazers {oversized and cropped are strutting down the runway right now} but last I checked, the Fashion Police don’t actually exist, so a black blazer is a black blazer.

I bought my black blazer 92 years ago. Invest in quality for this piece and it’ll last longer than you do {it’s in my will for E}.

4/ White {or your favorite color} Blazer

North pole opposite of your black blazer…all the white, all year long. Or pick your favorite color pick your favorite LIGHTER color. Keep your uniform simple — that means a dark blazer {black} and a white, light, or bright blazer.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking::

5/ Maxi Skirt

Floor length or at the ankle, this skirt style is perfection in your uniform closet. This style will give you multiple looks + gets you out of your pants.

There’s so much maxi love, it has its own Maxi Skirt Blog Post. Dress this piece up, keep it casual, or make it über-casual and lounge on the patio in it with flip-flops and a tee.

6/ Shoes — Best way to Decorate Your Feet

{along with nail polish in those flip-flops}

Have one pair of each in your closet, and you’ll be well-outfitted for any occasion to fancy up or casual down your outfit.


Flats / Mules

These two are interchangeable in my shoe-niverse



Black is always the new black, and the color of heels to have in your closet for any dress emergency.


7/ Accessories

Here’s the REAL MAGIC to the uniform look.

And for women over 50, 40, 30, 20, it’s your accessories that you pair your clothes with to give you a new look.

No one will guess you take 5-minutes-a-morning to put together your outfit when you shuffle up your silver necklace, gold necklace, scarf, sunglasses, or ball cap.

Capsule wardrobes were the hot trend for awhile. Your uniform is an alliteration of that –only simpler!

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