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Can you spot a Chanel look without seeing the logo? For me, even saying the name Chanel makes me feel instantly luxurious. Attaining that Chanel look {or rather, that Chanel lookalike} is a style statement and easy to create if you know the materials + pieces to look for.

Chanel brings a stylish sophistication and elegance to her designs. But to actually afford a closet of Chanel looks would leave most of us with a closet of two pieces, maybe one, to wear everyday, forever.

That doesn’t seem realistic, does it?

Since the love of style is too great for moi, I’ve created a Chanel look on my budget.

Today, I’m upping our style game for your next night on the town, wine tasting, or sitting at home on the chaise lounge reading The Chanel Sisters in your new designer look. Personally, I love sitting in my stretch pants and oversized tee when I read, but…you do you! I’ll be saving my Chanel look to wear on date night.

First, your Chanel lookalike outfit::

  • Start with classic colors {black, white or navy}
  • Chanel is known for tweed and wool crêpe {you’re picturing a jacket right now, aren’t you?}
  • Add a pop of red {lips} or pink, if you’re a bit of a rebel like Chanel herself
  • Strand of pearls was her look, but a long necklace works
  • Shoes:: ballet flats, color block slingback heels, classic black heeled booties, or black plaid pumps

I styled three jackets from three different brands + price-points.

Crisp ivory crêpe button-up, black fitted flair pants, and black buckle pumps was the business casual look that went under each jacket.

Chanel look in jackets, long crepe blazer, black pants, pumps
1/ Banana Republic $160 || 2/ Zara $100 || 3/ Forever 21 $20

If you have a big event, business date, or dinner…get ready to turn heads, you style-setter!

I thought of this post when I bought a Chanel-based book and became fascinated at the tales Coco told about her life. Maybe being a fashionista isn’t your style — then try this good book paired with a glass of vino instead.

I’m pairing The Chanel Sisters, the page-turning historical fiction novel by Judithe Little, with a Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from L’Ecole №41

Pair your rich Chanel Look with a book + wine to match

Imagine this with me…

You’ve used the Chanel outfit guide above to put together your glam for a day of wine tasting. You return back to your Walla Walla Airbnb, kick off your shoes, and uncork the Cabernet Sauvignon from L’Ecole №41. Maybe you start sipping as you stroll into the living room, where your book sits on the table.

No need to change out of your Chanel lookalike — sit yourself down with your wine in hand, grab your book, and enjoy a glass as you fall into the story of Coco Chanel and her sisters.

Coco was notorious for hiding her past or rather embellishing her roots, and Little writes about that fact in the book when Coco weaves a more sophisticated life than what reality might have been for her and her sisters.

Drinking a Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from L’Ecole №41 is the perfect bit of ‘precocious’ for this read of The Chanel Sisters. Coco would most definitely have approved the pairing of this wine.

Little weaves in pieces of Chanel’s story in order to build to the part where her name becomes synonymous with Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Grab your wine glass, this book, and slip into a luxurious self-care moment as the sun sets over the Blue Mountains.

As always, I’m a curious girl…Who is your all-time favorite designer?

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