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Do you remember the made up words your Babaês said?

Have you ever written down the made up words and silly sayings that your babies spoke growing up?

Along with taking 3,356,734 photos of them, I’ve collected phrases. That photo number is the reason why I now have to bribe them for family photos. If your Babê’s are still in the house snap accordingly and avoid my middle life photo torment.

However, if grandkids ever pop into the picture, I’ll be the first in the queue for the biggest memory eye-camera they sell! Capturing every dribble and drool with each blink-blink-blink. 👁

Words and photos trigger our memories and become a sparkle to any day once our kids are off living their best lives –without us–

The Made Up Words That Bring Back Moments in Time

E is three. We’re walking around Denver. Every boulder she sees that day, she points and squeals with her bionic lungs…

“Dare’s a big nutter one!”

One of my favorite toddler walks with her of all time!

N is four. He walks into the living room in his cut-off pajama shirt, stops, raises his spindly cute toothpick toddler biceps, kisses each and declares his…

“fi-a pow-a!”

The cute toddler dictionary words turn into the teen mombo-jumbo and you’re reminding yourself YOU ARE still in America AND YES indeed, he IS SPEAKING ENGLISH…

“That’s cap!”

Me, 51-middle Mama asks for a, ”Translation, please.” Actually, what I really said was, “HUH?”

N looks at me like I have a third eye coming outta my nose, and says “That’s a lie”

Of course “cap” means lie and not baseball or graduation cap or another cap that’s listed in that leather-bound paperweight on the bookshelf.

When we stop to listen {and record} words or phrases our family says, we get a fun picture of how their personality is shaping up {+ how it’s shaped by their friends}.

But it’s not just our Littles that make us laugh, it’s hearing the words or phrases in the generation gap.

One of my favorite teasing points is getting my dad to talk about making duplicate copies of contracts.

What would you call this process of making duplicates?

Don’t be shy, I’m betting we’re both thinking the same words.

I’m not gonna tease {ok, I might, but I get teased all the time — it’s all in good fun}.

Alright, I’ll go instead.

I’d say, “I need to make a copy”

What does Dad say?

“I’ll make a photo-static copy”

I always smile, I can actually SEE a rolling, static text-transfer machine with that bright blue ink-ish paper where there is NO WAY you won’t have blue-stained hands before you’re finished pressing the pages together to get an identical match {copy}.

{Now you’re remembering when you stood at the JCPenney counter and watched the cashier put your credit card down on the slider, then put three layers of that blue paper over the top to transfer your card numbers, aren’t you?}

How About Name Calling?

The names people call us over the years, whether they say something different or use your actual name, can make you look at them like they have a third eye coming out their nose.

You can call me Annie.

If we’ve never met I’ll probably do a double-take seeing that most don’t shorten Andrea to Annie, but why not — It’s good to catch people off guard once in a while.

{Unless you’re my Uncle D or Aunt M. To this day, I’m still Annie. And if they called me Andrea, that’s when my neck might spin out of alignment to stare in confusion.}

Our Niko wasn’t a Niko until Grandpa said it! And now, whenever I say it or hear him called Niko I remember Grandpa💖

Before you go…

Before you leave this month’s Chapter 50 rambling questioning my mental fortitude, I do have a point.




We all have little snippets of words and actions that we match up to people in our lives.

Those are MEMORY GEMS!

Those are the memories to hold, laugh at, and treasure.

If your memory is fading a tad in the Meno years {🙋🏻 I’m with you}, grab a journal or notebook to jot those family moments down.

Skip the digital app for this one. Go old-school and pick up your pretty colored pens and PAPER and record memories for your babaê’s to look back on. Technology changes FAST, but we’ve had pen and paper — errr, parchment — since the 2nd century.

Good ol’ everlasting PAPER.

Of all the things we want to remember, it’s OUR PEOPLE — OUR PERSON — and the little pieces that make them…THEM.

That’s just another privilege of growing older — experiencing all the years that have passed and still being here to record more.

Words Matter
Printed Photos Matter
Recording in a Journal –notebook– Book Matters!

I’m not writing this because I’m a photographer and blogger –okay, maybe those two have influenced me here today– but it’s MOST DEFINITELY NOT because I own stock in the fancy journals and pretty pen companies.

Althoughhhhh, maybe, possibly, when I grow up, I’ll be a fancy journal creator 🤔 {brain starts whirling at the possibilities}.

Signing off on this month’s Chapter 50 Rambling Moment

Cheers to all your happy moments –

P.S. What’s one of your favorite words/phrase moments of past?

P.P.S. Who needs this happy memory moment? Copy this link and share it to your favorite human to remind them they’re in your happy memories AND to write down the time Billy said, “Don’t be a booger-eater” or something like that.

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