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Book Lover Gifts for 2022

This is the Final Four in my gift guide line-up — Book lover gifts for your favorite readers {and yourself, because there’s nothing wrong with beta-gift-testing}.

On the slim, oh so slim, chance that you’ve missed my last three Chapter 50 gift guide blog posts, here’s a recap for you to help you shop earlyshop easy — and shop for the best gifts.

Let the Book — and book adjacent — gift ideas BEEEGIN!

Mystery Book Lover gifts

1/ The Lucy Foley Three ~ The Guest List | The Hunting Party | The Paris Apartment

2/ The Club ~ The Club all the elite are dying to get into, but getting out {alive} seems a challenge too. Figuring out who is behind each demise {and why} brings the twist in this one

3/ The Last Thing He Told Me ~ Hannah Hall gets a note from her vanishing husband. Two words only…”Protect her” and the mystery begins…oooo and it’s a really good mystery!

4/ The Maid ~ Molly the Maid tries to keep her life in a “state of perfection” but life shatters around her in this hotel mystery. And loved this one for it’s twist of how you should NEVER underestimate anyone’s glorious special traits!

5/ We Were Liars ~ Lies upon lies and then lies turns a book into a good mystery

Book Lover Gifts in Clothes

6/ Get Your Cozy On ~ Soft + cozy sweatshirt to read and wine in on a cold winter’s night

7/ For the simply & understated graphics ~ “Just One More Chapter” sweatshirt

8/ Wine colored T-shirt {ya know, in case you know a spiller who reads}

9/ Tee or tea it up ~ Graphic t-shirts for Summer or under a black blazer

10/ Fuzzy Socks with Sass ~ So much sass for only 2 feet

pink fuzzy socks, book fans, wine drinker, fun socks

Rom-Com Book Favorites

11/ Second First Impressions ~ A rom-com plot classic — old soul meets wild rebel — and any rom-com reader is going to love how these 2 bounce off each other.

12/ Book Lovers ~ Can you read the same book and wonder if you both read the same book? That’s a YES. Nora and Charlie have to make a book match in the backdrop town of the book Nora Loved & Charlie meh-ed . These 2 are adorable!

13/ My {not so} Perfect Life ~ This book started my crush on Sophie Kinsella writing. I have almost her entire collection of Rom-Com’s {and still have not read Confessions of a Shopaholic — it might hit a little too close to my debit card–}

14/ People We Meet on Vacation ~ Charming, quirky friendship starts in college with the building tension of 2 unlikely friends weaving around all the other people they meet on their trips

15/ The Bromance Book Club ~ First book in a series of 3. A fun series flipping athlete stereotypes like a pancake {in the 3 books there are some serious steamy pages, so if that makes you uncomfortable — skip those pages — but read these books 😁}

romcom books, my books, read these books, My not so Perfect Life, THe Bromance Club

Random Gifts for A Book Lover

16/ Check-Out Old School Style ~ E loans out her collection all the time and I’m seeing this under her tree {Grandma’s, you can thank me later 😉}

17/ My Weekend is Booked Bag ~ NO! No you cannot have too many bags

18/ Pick-Your-Book-Box ~ Sip Between the Lines Etsy shop packs a tailored book theme for a book lover. You just need to know their genre.

19/ Paddywax Library ~ Austin, Twain, Steinbeck and others {brings a nostalgic book atheistic to the shelves, but NOT the musty smell of old books}

20/ Stylish + Colorful Headphones ~ Airplane reading–or listening–makes there a necessity {Thrice as necessary if your seat sits over the engine-wing. These babies drown out the non-stop whirrrrring}

21/ Write Instead of Read ~ A blank journal with 462 things to spark writing ideas

22/ Tequila Mockingbird ~ The recipe read to make perfect themed drinks for the next book club night {‘Are You There God, It’s Me Margarita’ or ‘Bridget Jone’s Daiquiri’}

23/ Peepers Readers ~ Blue light readers have gotten an upgrade — a really cute upgrade

Historical Fiction Book Lovers

24/ The Chanel Sisters ~ The iconic Coco Chanel + a book = Best of two glimpses {Here is my review on Book Guides for a peek before you buy}

25/ Wish You Were Here ~ We made it through a historical event {a pandemic} and Jodi Picoult penned a covid page turner {I always lover reading how and where she gets her inspirations + research from at the end of her books}.

26/ The Alice Network ~ We’re women and we get things done! New war time books that focus on the brave and unbelievable sacrifices of women will always get me turning the page. {Scroll to the September Books on my Guide Page to see a quick review for this one.}

27/ The Rose Code ~ My October pick + another Kate Quinn book authoring the story of more brave women using their talents in wartime. Three women, who normally wouldn’t have met, from different walks of life come together.

You’re all set and ready to start — or finish — your holiday shopping! Even if you’re not in gift-mode yet, go ahead, grab a new book for yourself, Beautiful Human!

Winter is coming and it’s time to cozy-on-up.

What’s your favorite book for 2022?

{Too much pressure to pick only one — how about your top 3?}

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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