A Personal Stylist — A Peacock — & The Number 50 All come Together…

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What would a personal stylist, a peacock, and 50+ have in common?

Me! And You! {the 50}

Beautiful + colorful styling twists {that’s where the peacock meets the style} that make us feel…

Like us.

We’re blessed to reach our second act at 50+ — the new middle — and one thing we have going for us –amongst so much other greatness– is that we’ve seen the styles make their rounds and we know what we like…

Short booties — yes
Parachute pants — never, EVER, again
Long and short blazers — keep the designs and colors rotating through
Pleated front jeans — no-to-the-no-no-no-NO

However, it can seem daunting to style an outfit together every single day.

However 2.0, I love it + want to make it easy and fun for you too.

Wrapping up this style year of 2022, I’m sharing all the inspiration places that I share different personal styles if you’re feeling lost in your style or want to try some new ideas.

Plainly and simply said…”I want to be your personal stylist!”

I’ll show up and share when you FOLLOW at all these Glimpse of Good spots::

Now that you know all the places to find your personal stylist for your fabulous 50’s, how ‘bout we end this week with the funny side of styling, okay?


If you’re a Spotify listener, then you’ve recently been served your Spotify Yearly Wrap-up.

They do it with music, but what if our styles {or closets} brought us a yearly wrap-up?

OHHHHHHH, this is gonna be good!

My Style Closet Yearly Wrap-up would look like this::

  • You wore your denim button-down 32 times in 2022 {and didn’t spill on it once — Congrats, Girl!}
  • You wore jeans for 297 days. That puts you in the top 2% for this year
  • You only spilled wine on 3 white shirts {that’s lower than 2021 — you may get to retire the wine bib in 2023}
  • You never wore those orange shoes you got on clearance {DONATE THEM ALREADY!}
  • You were in the top .03% of coffee shirt drips {can’t win ’em all}
  • You haven’t worn those army green pants ALL. YEAR. {DONATE THEM}
  • You explored 5 new color palettes — you colorful peacock!
  • Those leopard pants you’ve been seeing on Pinterest — DON’T YOU DARE BUY A PAIR {you know you won’t wear them}
  • You squeezed into those after-Christmas sale SPANX 2 times {which puts you in the DONATE THOSE VISE-GRIPS THEY CALL PANTS category!}

If anything popped up in your closet wrap-up that might be taking up space {a-HEM — orange shoes}, the January hibernation is a great time for the closet clean-out and donate.

  • If you haven’t worn it all year — Donate
  • That bunch of “kinda still fits” — Donate
  • “I fit in those jeans before menopause, and I might get back there” — Donate
  • Orange shoes that I really like, but have nothing to wear them with — for the love of shoes — DOOO-NATE!
  • If you still have a pair of those puffy, pleated-front jeans, those you can keep for one more Halloween. Grab the Aquanet hairspray, bright blue eye shadow, neon shirt and throw the best 80’s Halloween party in 2023.

{I’ll pull my orange shoes out of the donation bag and await your invitation😉}

Where to donate once the closet is purged?

  • Goodwill or Salvation Army
  • Search Google for local women’s shelters
  • Safe passage {a safe place to start over after escaping a battered/abusive relationship}
  • Contact your church/synagogue/mosque for recommended places

Personal stylist at your service in these blog posts too::

  • The Best Winter Styling for Travel {sanity while traveling through the holidays — debatable}
  • The Fall Shoes you need on your feet {If you choose to buy them all, put the rest deep in your closet & pull out slowly. The spouse will neverrrrrr notice that way}
  • 7 Ways to wear your white shirt {Stained IS NOT one of the options, and that is why I stock-pile white shirts when they’re on sale} I’m a self-pronounced spiller, and I own that title too — that’s yet another beauty about being 50+…accept the things I cannot change, and shop the white sales😊

What does your yearly closet wrap-up look like?

P.S. When you’re in need of a personal stylist, I’m waiting right over here. And by “HERE”, I mean on my Style Guide Page, Blog, Pinterest, Instagram.

Each month, you’ll find three of my favorite outfits for inspiration in the Style Guide.

And any personal stylist worth a styling ounce of sparkle will tell you the style to follow in Chapter 50 is the one where you feel comfortable, beautiful, and above all…like yourself!

So if my style ideas and tips don’t do it for ya, make your own style Gorgeous!

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