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The thaw is here! So let’s bring on the Spring trends and walk the runway. Or better yet, 3rd street in Geneva with all the cute restaurants, boutiques, + chocolate shops. These fun trends are also great for your upcoming senior or branding session.

Your senior portraits tell that story of this time you’re in right now. And to look back + show your children someday…Show them for nostalgia’s sake and for some giggles…

1\Nostalgia…You’re gorgeous smile in that sheer black top

2\Good Giggle… TWO WORDS — Parachute pants {may they never return to the style rotation}

I am always here to help fashion up your wardrobe for your senior pictures, However, if you’re just looking for 5 new spring trends to try out I’ve got your styles in this post today. I keep my eye on the trendy + classic outfits that can help you express your style + personality. And I love to shop😉

I tell my Hubs it’s for my business {and that’s partly true}, but he also knows that in the urban dictionary next to “Retail Therapy” there could be a photo of me with my shopping bags.



These have been on the fashion radar awhile, and they’re back again for spring. The reason they keep popping back is because they are so versatile. They have quirky + fun sayings. They are great to wear alone with shorts, or under a jacket with jeans. You see them EVERYWHERE, but with so many different designs you can express your own unique style.

I’ve done an entire shoot with inspirational graphic tees ➠ The “Inspiration is T” post shows you all the fun. {Photo ideas are on the SMP Blog}


The Who What Wear site did a neat twist on the 2021 Spring fashion list and included wrap skirts, which I’m totally on-board with this season. Short or long, solid or patterned, this drops into the MUST HAVE category this Spring. I love Emma’s black gingham skirt she picked for one of her outfits.

One stylist in the article wrote her opinion that wrap skirts are in — holes in your shirts are out. And that’s the beauty in fashion…One girls love of holy shirts is another gals cold breeze nightmare. {and I said, “nightmare” in that Brooklyn accent Marisa Tomei used in My Cousin Vinny.}


They are EVERYWHERE! And they add a soft touch to your jeans, sparkle up a dress, and dress-up a t-shirt. Where do I begin to show you all the places to find this versatile trend?

Always try to shop local boutiques! {Shop small now, so it doesn’t disappear later}

Here are a few that have both online and brick & mortar shops::

UOIonline and Six + Cypress

But you can also find some light, balloon sleeve ones at Target + Forever 21 right now. Think pastel colors mixed with leggings or shorts + accent with beaded bracelets. In The Grove Designs makes the cutest personalized bracelets.


The polka dot tank dress or drape-style tunic with bohemian flair is one of the 5 trends you need for spring. This flowing tunic dress below runs short, so it looks great as a longer top or short dress The flowy sleeve looks perfect on longer-armed gals.

SMP Style Tip:: Pair this with an over the knee boot for spring, or a sandal for summer for an on-trend look.


The easiest of the 5 trends you need for Spring is the color pink! If you’re looking for bright + cheery this Spring that look no further then all the pink out there in shirts, T’s, shorts, dresses, accessories…

If you’re not quite ready to get a bold palette, you can add peeks of the color to your outfit collection. Grab a pink bandana, or hat with pink lettering.

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There you have it! The 5 trends you need this Spring. You can put your outfits together on your own or I can help style with you. Let’s make your last high school senior memory stylish + FUN!

If you’d like to see more stories/posts like this or other topics, let me know here. I am a Senior Portrait + Headshot Photographer in Sycamore Illinois. I write the SMP blog each week to help you plan your best visual story and talk about the Mom of teenagers phase of life.

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