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These 4 cures for jet lag are easy, and might even get your seat-mate asking, “Whatcha sprinkling in your water over there?”

We’re heading to London, and I’m starting my flight prep now. The air in planes has improved, but we still need to help ourselves out when we fly 7+ hours in that aluminum tube.

I have an inside source when it comes to flying, and he says the new American Airlines 787 has upgraded the humidity system. In easy-speak, that means the air in the cabin is not only filtered better, but they’ve increased the moisture in the air. More moisture in the cabin = less leaving our bodies! Three cheers for flying American!

Mix good cabin air with these 4 sure-flying-tips and I’ll race you down the jet bridge at Heathrow with our extra energy {most likely to the nearest restroom too}.

4 Cures for Your Jet Lag::

1/ Water yourself like a plant

…And not like you’re a cactus plant. Think a lush, green, tall fern of a plant. Who likes to feel dry and prickly? NO ONE, is the answer.

Be the fern, or at least the lush • tall • and dreamy part. Not the green part. We need water in our cells to keep our skin hydrated on long flights.

Are you one of those people who need an exact water number?

Gotcha! Me too, sister!

Drink 8 ounces of water for every hour of flight. When you fly on a new 787, the percentage is much better, but recirculated air on older airplanes has about 30% less humidity of the 50% our bodies crave. So help yourself out by sticking close to that hour mark.

On any ol’ day, we should be drinking half our weight in ounces for our skin health {and whole body health}. No, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on Netflix, but I read a lot of books by doctors. :)

Water is the quick & easy route, but we can only store so much in our cells before expelling the rest. Fresh fruit and vegetables stay in your cells longer, and give better hydration for the long hours in the airplane. So if you can, bring along an apple.

The water within the apple + the fiber in the skin of the apple holds in the liquid longer than the bottle of water slipping right down and through you.

Bonus points if you bring along chia seeds to add into your water. Add a tablespoon to your water bottle, and those tiny seeds swell to become little hydration magnets in your body. {The book Quench by Dana Cohen, MD and Gina Bria gives great research on hydration.}

2/ It’s okay, this one time, to pack airplane snacks

True, Dr Rick coaches his new homeowners NOT to be their parents and pack snacks. But on this long flight, you’ll need a few specific ones.

It’s okay to be like your parents this one time for health’s sake, if it cures your jet lag.

Airports are not known for healthy snacks. So pack some seeds to eat along with your water or add a tablespoon into your water, along with a pinch of natural salt. {Not the cute little umbrella girl salt, but pink Himalayan or sea salt.} It supercharges your water.

I grind up chia seeds to put in my water. Yes, it did take some major-internal-self-talk to do that without gagging. But I prevailed, and so can you. Seriously, you can!

Seeds/snacks to pack for your long flight over the big blue pond::

  • Chia seeds {grind them into dust}
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds {grinding up sunflower seeds seems wrong on many levels — but you do you!}
  • Hemp seeds
  • Apple {can’t do the seeds? The fiber in apples helps retain moisture longer}

Yes, people might stare. But people stare all the time. Truth is, while they’re staring, they’re really thinking about where to eat when they land, and that typo they made on their Instagram story today. {People really don’t care that we’re sprinkling seeds + salt in our water.}

And for the ones who ask, sharing is caring. Could be the best conversation-starter they’ve ever heard! And they’ll forget about their Twitter typo. Or was that Instagram?

3/ Be overly generous with your moisturizer

If it says one pump, use three. And moisturize with aloe vera — you’ll hit the JACKPOT. Triple-word-score if your cream has SPF too. The aloe in the cream works as a barrier to keep the moisture in our skin. {Quench reference again}

That SPF in your cream is protecting your skin from the damaging UVA rays sneaking through the windows. Think about that high altitude + ozone layer that you’re mingling with up in the bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

4/ You’ve got to dance it out

Where is the space to do that on an airplane? Even if you’re not a dancer, movement is another way to keep fluids flowing and help cure that jet leg or flight fatigue we always feel.

Here are specific ways you can keep moving if you don’t want to Flashdance in the aisle::

  • Micromovements on the flight ~ you don’t even have to stand up for this one {chin to chest and raise shoulders to ears}
  • Facial massage {rub your temples + behind your ears to move fluids to key parts in your head}
  • Get up and walk to the bathroom {if you’re lucky, you ‘ll be plenty hydrated by now and have to pee}

Four jet-lag-proof easy ways to start your long flight on the best note!

Just in case you’re curious for more, here is the link to Quench by Dana Cohen, MD and Gina Bria. {Not your typical ‘drink 8 glasses of water per day” kinda book.} Great hydration tips + recipes, and who doesn’t love a book with recipes inside?!

Yes, I normally pair a good book with the perfect wine, but this book’s perfect pairing is still water with a lemon wedge + cucumber slices.

Now it’s time to pack for London! More Travel TipsMom StyleBook Recommends on A Glimpse of Good Blog.

What is your favorite tip or trick for a {skin} healthy, no-lag, happy flight?

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