3 Skin Care Tips For Your Second Act

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Skin Care Tips For Your Second Act

Stranger Things #17 in life after 49…

Summer skin care now differs from Winter, Fall, and now…when you use hotel soap.

Remember back in high school when you were trying to figure out which facial scrub wouldn’t dry out your face? {You’re envisioning St. Ives Apricot Scrub right now, aren’t you?}

Or, which moisturizer didn’t feel like you just rubbed Crisco all over your face?

And then, when you finally found the holy grail in your skin care routine, you were late-20’s and again had to switch up your routine because a 30-year face needed more than your 20-year face and you really needed to start taking better care of your basking-in-the-sun-face that you were sabotaging in years past?

Hmmmm, I thought we were simply living + relishing the warm Summer days off from our florescent cubicles. 🤷🏼‍♀️

The Chapter 50 Version of Skin Care Tips for Summer

Now presenting year 50 and the Stranger Things that happen with being a half-century-skinned woman. I really should give Stranger Things another chance, I think it’s starting to parallel real life these days.

I’ve made myself the test monkey for all things Ulta skincare related products for over a three decades. And now, I’m standing back in the Target aisle buying CeraVe again.

Can you relate?

Around year 49 little rash spots, or adult eczema as my dermatologist called it, starting popping up on my skin. But these little spots wanted the stage — to be seen by all I passed by — to rash up, redden up, itch, and pop up in strange places, as if to scream, “Look what else 50 can serve up to you!”

  • my eyelids — dry patch
  • the corner of one eye…dry patch
  • top of my left hand…snake-scaly-skin {that’s certainly a Stranger Things episode}
  • on my left hip

Once my skin calmed {back in-check with magic cream dermatologist prescribed}, she recommended purging all my natural cleansers, moisturizers and serums for the basic, drugstore brand CeraVe.

She clearly had zero idea how much product greeted me on my bathroom counter everyday. 🤦🏽‍♀️

But, I’m a good rule follower, and turned past Ulta and into the Target parking lot to peruse what CeraVe skin care they had in the aisle.

Back To The Basics

51 and returning to basics. Kinda refreshing actually. I’m keeping my skincare routine minimal this Summer by using a cleanser, vitamin C serum, and moisturizer {with add-in self-tanner drops}.

Thank the heavens the stars aligned and my tanning drops weren’t the cause of my new skin rashes. I still want the Summer skin tan, just not the Summer skin damage. Ghost-pale is not in my color-wheel.

With all that build-up + changeover

3 Skin Care Tips…

Skin care Tip #1:: Consistency

Not the wash your face everyday consistency, but the foam, lotion, and gel kind of consistency in your cleanser {but for the love of all things clean I hope you’re not sleeping in your makeup — that goes nowhere good!}

Not all cleansers are the same obviously, and I tried a few out to see which consistency my skin would deem worthy to touch my face.

The CeraVe cleanser I liked {and worked} best on my 51-layer-skin was the second one I bought. The hydrating one didn’t make my face feel clean with the lotion consistency and didn’t wash off my eye-liner with one go-round.

The Renewing SA Cleanser won the consistency test {a gel that foams up and gives a soft, not-tight-skin feel after I use it}. Another good recommend is the hydrating cream to foam. It’s on my list too, but haven’t tried that one yet.

  1. First wash was Hydrating Facial Cleanser
  2. Next up Renewing SA Cleanser {winner for me}
  3. Want to try Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

After my wash, I follow up with the Vitamin C serum on my face and neck and starting to notice a difference after a month of use. The third is the moisturizer that I use morning and night CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.

On the days I don’t wear makeup with SPF I swap and use the SPF added to my moisturizer.

Skin Care Tip #2:: Scent + Feel

My nose could is a candidate for the drug-smelling dog patrols. I am nutty when it comes to the smells of my cleanser and lotions. You?

None of these three products I use bother my K-9 nose hairs and there’s no greasy, oily, or tacky-tape feel to them.

Tacky-tape…You know the lotions right? You think you have it all rubbed in and then step out into the Summer heat and your face or hands stutter across whatever you touch like a post-it note would skitter across your desk.

We’re looking for gliding, not stutter-steps.

Skin Care Tip #3:: Packaging

You’re thinking, “What?”

The packaging I mean is how we get it from the bottle to our faces. It’s a peeve of mine when I SEE that 1/8 of lotion left in the bottom but can’t GET to it.

I’d rate CeraVe at an 8 out of 10 for getting all of my cleaner, serum and lotion out of the containers. Granted, CeraVe is about half of what I was paying on other brands, but I still want all of it outta-there.

CeraVe lotion, cleanser, vitamin C serum, over 50 skincare

My Summer Skin Care Routine

Every night I…

Wash with the Renewing SA Facial Cleanser
Smooth on the Vitamin C Serum {NOT under eyes}
Follow with Moisturizing Cream {face and neck}

{I add my 2–3 oil drops of self-tanner into my morning moisturizer.}

I’m going to try the hydrating cream-to-foam cleaner in the Winter months to see if I can keep from getting a flakey nose this year. {More dry-patch-face-fun}

Summer Skin Now — Winter Skin Later

CeraVe is for all ages, not just the Stranger Things years of 50. If you’re looking for a new, or less expensive, routine, give it a rub. 4 out of 5 dermatologists recommend it {maybe that’s a toothpaste commercial, but my dermatologist recommends it}.

Gone Are the Skin-Tight Days

I reminisce about my 20’s and 30’s tight, no-line skin, but I’m long past those rubber-tight-skin days. If you’re still in that age range, START NOW in keeping and protecting your delicate skin. This post or this one has good recommends for you {or your daughters}.

I don’t want to spend hours, or even 15 minutes at the bathroom sink with an overdone Summer skin care routine. And this one has me out and enjoying Summer in seven!

These 3 skin care tips for Summer are working great! Now let’s see what Stranger Things Winter skin brings.

Have you tried CeraVe?

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