3 Easy Scarf Hairstyles For Work or Play

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4 min readAug 17, 2022
colorful scarves for hairstyles

A Poem:: Ode to scarf hairstyles

Today you’re silky, square, and big
Tomorrow, satin-n-twisted to the size of a twig.
Headband, hair cap, pony or bow
I just can’t seem to let you go.
It’s twilly how much I love to style with you
Even day four hair is wrapped to a pretty up-do.
You have colors abound and tricks to play
How will we style you up today?

To the versatile scarf hairstyle and all the color + style they twist into your wardrobe. Only three ideas today though, I don’t want scarf overwhelm ;)

The square scarf + twilly scarf

My two favorite types of scarves are the classic square, large and small, and the Twilly scarves. The name sounds all fancy and carefree doesn’t it? Twilly’s are seen on handbag handles, used as stylish neckerchiefs, and hair band.

  • Large squares:: best for full cover and when you want to weave it through your hair
  • Small squares:: also weaveable, but good for tiny knot under your hair without the low hang
  • Twilly scarves:: neat name, but it’s as basic as a long skinny stripe of fabric {2–4 inches wide}

Suns Out Bun’s Out

Messy Bun Scarf hairstyle

Here’s your perfect, “Don’t want to mess with my hair today hairstyle.”

It looks like you cared by weaving a cute-pattern scarf scarf into it, but it’s the ultimate toss-up-n-go fun look. My long, curly, full hair left me shortly after the birth of my second babé {did you hear Moire Rose when I said that?}, and now he has all that thick Italian tight curly hair. Lucky devil!

If your messy buns look less full on the top at 50 than they did at 20, making scarf hairstyles a huge bonus to your hair-life! The cute scarves take the focus off the tiny messy bun versus all those volumeous 20-something messy buns we see all over #hairstagram.

I hope those sweet youngsters appreciate their full locks now…Enjoy every thick strand filling your crown!

How To Style It

1/ Brush your hair into a high-ponytail and secure into your messy bun {tease it}
2/ Take a small square scarf {or a Twilly too} and pull one end through your band
3/ Wrap it around & split your messy bun in half with the scarf before tying {bit more flair}
{or you can simplify and wrap it around the band and tie in a knot}

{58-seconds later you’re hair-styled for the day!}

square polka dot scarf in messy bun

Twilly Scarf With a Twist

I use the Twilly scarves as headbands most days. Keeps your hair away from your face but not up in a ponytail all the time. Sometimes I get a bit fancy and twist front hair pieces over the scarf, like I did in this REEL LINK

Beach Ready Hairstyle

We’re heading to the beach this Summer and there is a head scarf, a full scarfed head, style that I may wear every — single — day. And by “beach” I mean the Oregon coast, so it’ll be windy and cool most likely, not hot-n-humid. Hot or cool, windy and sandy, this one is all-beach-ready.

1/ Your hair will look good all day at the beach
2/ It will stay outta your face with the wind blowing every-which-way
3/ You won’t be brushing sand knots out of your hair for the next week

This large square paisley one is a perfect scarf to use for this beach-ready scarf hairstyle::

Scarves fall into the coffee and wine tier…Always looking for a new one to try wherever we’re going. But sometimes, when I can’t find in-shop or local, online fills in.

Shop for fun patterns::

My style guide page brings in new scarf hairstyles too.

Scarves are THE easiest way to style up your hair for a date night, girls night, or a messy bun twist to yoga class. Just make sure it’s a high bun for yoga. Don’t want it disturbing your Savasana by laying with a lump on your head.

Three fast and easy scarf hairstyles to try at home, on vacation, or a speeding boat on a lake this Summer. {Knot it really tight unless you want to go diving on that boat ride too}

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