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You’re spending money — why not get some back?

Using a credit card when you travel is the wisest travel advice to give the frequent (and infrequent) traveler. You need a place to stay, you have to eat, and need to buy gas to get there {whether it’s gas for your car or gas in the plane}. As long as you’re spending the money, why not get some back in your brightly-colored Kate Spade wallet?

Also, if you’ve ever lost your luggage or rented a car, these travel cards can offer insurance protection on your trip. The three travel credit cards I’ve researched all offer cardholder perks when you charge.

The key is having the best one for the way you spend.

Do you always stay at Marriott hotels? Do you only fly American Airlines? Is it cash back or traveler insurance that’s most important to you?

What is most valuable for you?

We all spend differently, so you need to first ask yourself which credit card gives you the most benefits. I use my card as my checking account. I put my monthly bills, groceries, and coffee stops on my card so I can get as much cash back as possible without carrying a balance.

Carrying a large balance on your card every month negates any cash back or perks you get.

Next, which card has the most value for you?

  • If American Airlines is the only airline you fly, then the AA Advantage card is your chance to rack up air miles + other perks
  • If you frequently stay at Marriott hotels and want to earn free stays or upgrades, the Bonvoy card is your pick
  • If you want cash in your pocket to use wherever you like with no fee, then Wells Fargo should be in your Marc Jacobs wallet.

The three credit cards that follow are the best overall travel cards in 2022::

The Bonvoy Card

Marriott Bonvoy VISA Credit Card :: Like a Starbucks, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a Marriott brand hotel.

I switched over to the Bonvoy card, since my husband stays in a lot of Marriotts for work right now. We’ve already earned free stays and room upgrades.

On vacations, we also like to stay in Airbnb’s, so this is a test run with Bonvoy to see how often we earn benefits. There’s no annual fee for this VISA.

  • Redeem points + free upgrades for hotel stays
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Points don’t expire
  • Baggage delay insurance & lost luggage reimbursement
  • Purchase protection

Wells Fargo VISA

Wells Fargo Active Cash VISA Card :: Return cash to your Tory Burch crossbody.

If you want a straightforward cash back card only, apply for this one and earn 2% cash back on your expenditures. And with no annual fee, there’s no upfront investment for you to keep it in your wallet.

  • Cell phone protection when you charge your monthly service to the card

Chase Sapphire VISA

Chase Sapphire VISA Card :: Slip this one inside the RIFD pocket of your travel Tumi bag for the best overall travel perks.

The Sapphire card earns points to apply towards purchases, but if you travel often, this is the card for you! There is a $95 annual fee for this one.

  • Redeem points for travel through Chase, or transfer to use with one of 14 partnered airlines or hotels
  • 5x on travel | 3x on dining | 2x on all other purchases
  • Includes trip cancellation, car rental, and lost luggage insurance

Biggest Travel Expenses

When you travel, the largest expenses are hotels/Airbnb’s, airfare, and dining. Using a credit card that puts a bit of cash {or perks} back in your Coach bag is equal parts responsible adulting and All Chocolate Kitchen truffles excitement.

I’m NOT advocating overspending AT ALL. Just the opposite — spend within your budget. A checking account doesn’t give a return on what you spend each month, but the card companies who want your business will entice you with alllllllllllll the perks they can offer.

If using a credit card on trips — or even grocery shopping — earns cash or a free night in a hotel, why not put it on the card? How am I supposed to save for that Louis Vuitton bag by the time I’m 70 if I don’t get any perks for my purchases? ;)

This post is more of the nuts-n-bolts of traveling, but it’s an important one when you’re planning on roaming the amazing corners of the earth in Chapter 50…and our 60’s into our 70’s. Oh, please let me make it well into my 70’s so I can actually crack open my Louis Vuitton piggy bank and walk into their Paris flagship to pick my purse :)

{Yes, I’m fully aware this is a materialistic and absolutely frivolous purchase, but I’ll be 70 — let me dream!}

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